Be a part of something special.

Working at the JCC turns an interest into a passion, a hobby into a calling, an idea into reality. As a multi-faceted social services agency, with over 17 unique service areas spanning 6 different locations throughout the state, we let our mission guide the way.

The JCC cultivates generational talent, and serves as a destination for professional development. With an inclusive and vibrant culture, led by a diverse board of directors, we’re a community-first place where our staff team is our most valuable asset.

Whether you’re looking for five hours a week poolside, or you’re 15 years into your professional career as an educator or program leader, there’s a place for you on the team. Every day is a little bit different at the JCC – and the work experience you enjoy here is unlike anything else you’ll find in Milwaukee.

Lifeguards, teachers, camp staff, social workers, senior leaders – on any given day we have an opportunity right for a wide range of skills, backgrounds, and abilities.

Regardless of your faith, we’re seeking highly committed, high-energy leaders to serve our members and bring our programs to life. Sound like something for you? Explore our current opportunities and take the next step in making your work more than just your job.

Questions about working at the JCC?

Contact Human Resources at 414-964-4444.

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The purpose of who we are, what we do, and how we serve

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