Make a difference.

With partners like you, we stand together and say yes to everything that makes our community stronger. From inclusive community wellness programs that build healthy bodies, to the high quality education opportunities that build strong minds and futures – we deliver comprehensive social services that build strong souls.

Because of the investments made in our mission and programs – with time, talents, and assets – our community grows stronger and healthier together.

Our donors and partners support the community through a diverse array of services: feeding the hungry at the Jewish Community Pantry, providing scholarships for early childhood education and camps, supporting families with respectful and meaningful specials needs programs, and ensuring that adults – of all ages – have access to dignified social services.

It’s what we do, every day. With flexibility and the highest of standards, the JCC remains a destination for high-impact, highly accountable investment. Our donors expect nothing less, and our community deserves even more.

Questions about our impact in the community?

Contact Elyse Cohn, Chief Development Officer, at 414-967-8188.

"“We give because of the activities and resources that the J has—it’s meant a lot to our family. We’ve gotten so much out of the JCC through family fun nights, access to the play areas and enrichment classes that our children are involved in, and we would love to help another family experience that.” "

Paula & Matt Krukar


Your generosity in action

The growth, discovery and appreciation that the J inspires isn’t confined to a single campus. It’s through the generosity of our sponsors that we’re able to extend our reach and change lives throughout our community.

Community Impact

Whether we're helping you prepare for a 5K or your pre-schooler prepare for K5, the J impacts lives across generations, races and abilities.

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Senior Programs

The next chapter in your life should be rich with community, engagement, and entertainment. Learn more about our adult programs.

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Jewish Community Pantry

The Jewish community's response to hunger in Milwaukee - the Jewish Community Pantry has been serving our mission for over 40 years.

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