New to Jewish Life?

You may be wondering why we are closing early on what seems like a random day. Or you may have heard someone say, “Shabbat Shalom,” to a friend in a Zumba class and wondered what that means. We know that Jewish terms and holiday observances can be confusing to anyone who isn’t quite used to them.

Being inclusive means letting everyone in on the conversation, and sometimes that means translating into a common language. That’s what we hope to do in this space. While we have tried to think of all of the things our community needs to know to feel at home at the JCC, we can’t possible have thought of everything.

Asking questions is a really important part of the Jewish experience. As a JCC, we invite all to the conversation with the understanding that, as a community center, our answers may be more pluralistic in nature. Engaging in respectful dialogue allows us to learn more about each other and find common ground to build community.

Connect about Judaism

Contact Rachel Pressman, Community Programs Director, at 414-967-8258.

Putting Jewish Values into Practice

Throughout the JCC, you’ll find programs and ideas that reflect our Jewish values. Values like kindness and respect, perseverance and accountability, caring for the Earth and caring for each other. Values that make us better people and help us build a stronger community. Values that we can’t wait to share with you.

Tapestry: Arts & Ideas

Our cornerstone arts program, Tapestry explores Jewish history, tradition, life, and future in a way the entire community can appreciate.

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Putting Israel into Action

Learn more about Israel through classes, programs, and special events at the JCC!

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Gan Ami Early Childhood

This inclusive program creates curious, life-long learners through the Jewish values of respect, charity, kindness and repairing the world.

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